1. A

    Kava Science Kava peak time and oversedation

    What is peak time of heavier kavalactones? I seem to fall in the trap of reigniting short lived rushes to be hit much later by an abrupt sedation. I just wish I felt like that before bed instead of the next day morning...
  2. C

    Powdered Kava Review Nakamal at Home: True Kava (Tudei)

    I recently received a small quarter pound package of the tudei True Kava from nakamal at home. The packaging is quite nice looking, with a dude playing a trumpet on the front and a bunch of warnings and nutrition facts on the back. The whole package is covered in a watermelon type pattern...
  3. H

    Newbie looking for help

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I was introduced to kava just last week. I'm struggling to feel anything beyond the tongue-numbing, even at a local kava bar. Tonight I tried the Kalm with Kava Borongoru, three 8oz glasses (so 6 shells?) of first wash in my Aluball, and two 8oz glasses of a second...
  4. Kavacus

    What to expect from Santo's Pride?

    Anyone have opinions about this kava from Kavatime? I have some on the way. I heard it's strong and heavy... Thanks in advance..
  5. aviavieu

    Kava Preparation What to buy Borogu or pacific Elixir?

    I have been drinking Borongoru a bit recently and looking for a different Kava for a change. Both Kava have the same chemotypes and are balanced. But who goes towards more Heavy after all? This is an important point and one would be looking for. Secondly, the overall quality is also important...