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What to expect from Santo's Pride?


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Anyone have opinions about this kava from Kavatime? I have some on the way. I heard it's strong and heavy...

Thanks in advance..

The Kap'n

The Groggy Kaptain (40g)
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Anyone? Anyone at all...
Sorry @Kavacus I figured a few of our regulars would chime in. I've heard it's face meltingly powerful.

I have a brick of it right now, but I went for one of the Ambae's first. I'll eventually work my way to Santos.


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Santo's Pride is a very clean, very heavy kava. Almost no headiness. It creeps. Plenty of muscle relaxation. I like it a lot.


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I was thinking the same thing: It Creeps...Yes, after a few shells I feel like it's bedtime for sure. This is after I've spent the past three hours sitting on the couch on the back patio!

Kava is a wonderful thing my friends....we are blessed.



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And how did the rest of your session go? I'm just curious.
It was potent and mostly heavy. There is some N&H Stone like headiness but much cleaner than stone. I spread my shells out too long to get a good read so will have to retry it. There was some clean next day relaxation. If I had more, it would have been krunk.