kava bar

  1. H

    Up and Coming Kava Cities of the USA

    Hey all, I'm a kava enthusiast who's been living outside my home country of the USA for the past 6 years. I'm looking to move back in a few months to set up my very own kava bar. So the question is, if you had total geographic flexibility and wanted to open a kava bar, where in the USA would...
  2. Pauli

    How many of the kava bars have a taverneum?

    Can you recommend kava bars with lots of pacific art, whether it is a kava bar with a taverneum or it is a kava tavern with a museum? Thanks a lot
  3. Pauli

    Kavabars Culture in Europe? Realistic or not?

    I could imagine Kava bars in Hungary since I get the best Kava from there, there is a shop with farms in Fiji.
  4. Elmanaro

    Espiritu Santo Palarasul now in stock!

    Heads up! We just got a hold of some of the Palarasul variety exclusively farmed on Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Check it out! You can also DM us on instagram @elmanarokava for a discount. Hopefully, I can share some discount codes here once my permission is granted. More varieties from Vanuatu...
  5. Elmanaro

    El Manaro Instant Kava

    Hey Kava people! We're a new online vendor and just launched out online store. We sell instant kava and can ship worldwide at wholesale rates. Check us out at: https://elmanaro.com/ We are based in Vanuatu and can supply most local varieties. Hopefully I can offer some discount codes to our...
  6. Rooted_Socialite

    Upcoming Kava Bar (Lansing, MI)

    Hello Everyone! After setting the intention to unify people through common beverage experiences, I joined the wine industry out of college and worked in almost every aspect (vineyard labor, cellar work, sales, distribution, tasting room management etc). Introduced to kava by a friend two years...