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    Kava most similar to GHK Nene?

    Hey everyone! I’ve been away from the kava scene for a few years, and recently came across my old stash of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava, with small bags of Nene and Moi. Last weekend I was having some anxiety at 2am from my afternoon Tongkat Ali, so I put half a teaspoon of instant Nene in a mug and...
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    Disappointed by Nene...

    I have been trying nene from GHK every night for chronic insomnia and have had little to no effect from it besides an upset stomach. I find it hard to believe its reverse tolerance because I have had Vanuatu varieties of kava with immediate effects (and great sleep). I wanted to purchase...
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    Nene vs Borongoru for Insomnia

    What is your experience or knowledge on the differences of nene and borongoru for insomnia? Thanks!
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    Moi vs Nene, Nene for sleep?

    Hello! I have pretty regular insomnia as well as anxiety and panic disorder (ptsd) and I am interested in trying Kava! I have tried kava for sleep, I have no idea what variety it was, and it has been the only thing that really helped. That’s what led me to try some more. I had no idea there were...