1. Pauli

    How do you clean the strainer cloth?

    Hygiene is alway very important for me, and this has nothing to do with corona. So I boil both my bowl and my strainer cloth before usage, i also use gloves when kneading or wash my hands thouroly and I use 2 Spoons for kneading, which is tricky. However, how do you clean the strainer cloth?
  2. Pauli

    Spoon, pressure and fine-mesh colander?

    When kava has to be there quick while the drink is still strong and tender; is it spoon and colander, which to pick while putting the bulb into a blender? And is it, what we should do soon, to press it through the sieve by spoon?
  3. Pauli

    Straining micronized kava

    Instead of drinking the micronized fiji waka toss-and-washingly, I strained it via a very fine strainer, and about a third of the micronized remained inside the strainer. I think you get more out of it, when you straign micronized kava, what do you think?
  4. Pauli

    French Press instead of Aluball or Strainer?

    And some of them told me, that you can use a french press, usually used for coffee, to straign the kava. What do you think about that technique?
  5. MokiAwa

    Strainer bag care

    I just ordered my second Wakacon Kava Strainer Bag Pro from Amazon. in about a year. It was starting to get a little funky but was still straining perfectly fine with no holes or tears. I'm curious how often folks here replace their strainer bags, and how they keep them fresh and sterilized...