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Creatives and Kava


I first tried Kava about 1yr ago. I didn’t know what it quite was but I was intrigued by the benefits and I wanted to try a healthy alternative to alcohol. I take my sketchbook with me everywhere I go incase I feel inspired to draw, create. When I go to the kava bar in my city (SOL) I always feel inspired by the community and the people I meet there. I either draw, write, or both. Long story short, I collaborated with the Kava bar owner here in my city (Reno, NV) on a coloring book. Had I never tried Kava, I don’t think it would have ever come into existence. I have much gratitude to the Kava bar owner (Kristen) and to the Kava root. My favorite part is that anyone who frequents the Kava bar can color in it and it’s always fun to see how others color my work, it’s a great collaboration, brought to you by the sacred Kava root.