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How much kava is too much kava ?

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3oz is about 80g, that's about 7-8 tablespoons. If it's Tongan kava then it's likely to be weaker than Vanuatu or Fijian kava (which doesn't mean worse, just means a bit weaker per gram), so that's not an excessive amount in my view. I too would feel fine the next day after this much of fine Tongan kaava. Your water to root ratio is a bit crazy though haha (from the point of view of most Western drinkers).
There are many varities of kava from Tonga, such as vava'u, eu'a, niua and some of them aint weak, just different. I prefer Tongan because of the smoother taste. 2-3oz to a gallon is for a cruise mix, especially when you got friends that want to "sample" over and over again. What would be your ratio to a gallon of water?


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A few questions- like is the Kava micronized, what cultivar? where from? Assume it is dry , not fresh frozen?


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Well guys, purely for random example, and open sharing in tbe moment (all moments in my unusual life are crazy so please bear that in mind lol)...

Today early afternoon I started with a 15 g Aluball mix of GHK M'oi and WoW Kava.

Followed by 17 gram double wash ball of a lighter, uplifting Fijian Savusavu.

Those 2 double washed balls had a strong effect.

But then I blemded 40 grams of [email protected] Solomon Gold too, seeing as it was looking a long day. It really is golden colored that Solomon, beautifully so.

I finished it all but about 5 grams worth.

So 65 grams effectively. Is that too much? Tbe effect has been lovely.

Other days recently, 30 grams root powder, 2 Aluball double washes, has had me done for the day.
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I’m new to Kava and bought my first batch.Can someone tell me the best way to consume it ?
Hi. I strongly recommend the dead simple, blender method, with sunflower lecithin added.

Sure you could do traditional prep. I have never done it myself because I have severe chronic fatigue and limited stamina so I just use the other very easy methods physically.

The blender is so effective and potent IME. Like I say above, I put 50 grams of Kava in empty blender, with a teaspoon of sunflower lecitin. I poured in 1.2 litres hot but touchable water. Stirred it up.

After my shower, I blended on high speed for 2.5 minutes, lower speed 2 mintes.

Immedialtely tipped into strainer bag into a bowl, and I squeezed ALL the liquid I could out of the strainer bag. The only hard part for myself, is the through straining of the liquid.

But much easier than traditional prep I'm sure, and no issue for a well, fit person.

Also, look up the Aluball. A great, easy, fun and quick alternative. It isn't as hard hitting I realise but still fantastic and so easy.

You can buy them in US from Kavafied.com or anywhere else Aluball.com .

Let us know please sometime what methods you adopt, what works etc...if you need specific advice just ask. I personally love to hear about everybody't unique journey.

And so many really smart guys here can give top advice. I am still wearing Learner Plates lol!


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I've been measuring by volume, and at a 4:1 ratio of water to Kava, and have found that 1 cup of Kava seems to be the max that I can tolerate in a day. The flavor tends to build for me to the point that I can't tolerate more than that and it seems that every variety that I've tried gives me stomach pains and acid reflux to some degree (either more acid or relaxation of the esophageal sphincter, not sure which or if both). I usually brew half of a cup at a time but might move to making a cup at a time for convenience's sake.


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Oh you will know when you’ve had too much-you will barf probably...but really, when I’m done I can feel it-heavy user that I am, I like getting krunked-so sometimes I’ll take it to the limit + one more step before I turn back and stop. Very similar to my alcohol consumption back in the day. It gets to a point where it is clearly time for me to stop, it doesn’t feel good anymore.
Also I am starting to dry out with dermopathy getting dry skin....it’s time to take a break for a while....
After this bag is consumed I’ll do it. No sense keeping a little bit and risk it getting stale!


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A few questions- like is the Kava micronized, what cultivar? where from? Assume it is dry , not fresh frozen?
Avoid micronized, it’s a harsh way to take kava. Buy medium grind and prepare it in the traditional way by kneading and squeezing. Or instant from a good vendor is good as well...


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None of us can give you one single answer to that. I know it probably isn't the most helpful response, but that's something you have to learn for yourself. Unfortunately, none of us can do that for you.

Very best of luck,