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I am a boil up convert.

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I tried it. Once. I don't recommend it.
But here is one booster method worth trying imo. Take equal volumes of dry medium grind and water. Stir to an even consistency, till the root is rehydrated. Then put in a blender and grind on low for 20 - 30 seconds. Pour into a container, pop in the freezer till solid, at least an hour but overnight is better. Then thaw and trad prep with usual ratio for whatever volume medium grind you started with. Bit of effort but it will make grog a little stronger and with s broader effect profile. I’m all about entourage effects.
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I wonder if adding amylase to convert the starch to sugar would work in combination with the boiling method to make the taste less funky.
I have actually done experiments with amylases! It's actually su
Dr interesting. When I do the boiling method, afterwards I filter, and the strainer bag becomes very very slippery and slimy, and it's hard to fully get everything through the strainer. I think that the starch being released after the breakdown of the cell walls contributes to the slimy feel.

However, if I boil, THEN add amylase and allow to sit for 30 minutes, the slipperyness is completely gone. Like 100% gone. It's like a magic trick that you can feel. I'm guessing the starch is broken down to shorter chains of sugars which dissolve right into the water.

It provides a potent brew, and extra washes do not provide very much, so it seems to extract damn near everything. However, it tastes funky and has an odd texture. Also it's a real process. Defi Italy worth a try once just out of interest!