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Kava Side Effects I think I'm having an allergic reaction develop but I can't say for sure yet


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To think it's been over a month, and I haven't used kava in weeks. In the past month I've used it a couple times only, and my skin still hasn't recovered. I get days where it's just all dry and irritated as if I'd taken kava. My tinnitus has been out of control without it. Today felt like when I did that micronized weeks back, I was fine all day then randomly end of my shift I get this red itchiness on my lower chest, then my upper chest and neck region. I've been using nivea moisturizer lotion which my GP recommended and it seems moisturizing helps a lot of kava users with dry skin. I don't even use it anymore so I don't know what the deal is. It seems once it reached a certain point, it just wrecked my skin and I get episodes of irritated skin just like if I've drank kava. I'm experiencing one right now, actually.