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Powdered Kava Review Kava TONGA


{"Grade":10,"Potency":4,"Mind":10,"Body":2,"Anxiety":10,"Sedative":2,"Taste":"+10","Preparation":"2-3 tbsp in an aluball in 500ml tap hot water, shook for 4 minutes","Effects_Duration":"primary effects felt for around 2 hours, tapered down over the next hour or so","Side_Effects":"none","Headline":"focusing and euphoric"}
This is a great kava, the best kava I know of for social and work purposes because of its mildly focusing and super euphoric, clear headed effects. Upon first receiving the kava, I was blown away by the packaging. The bright red, stylized labeling reminded me a lot of the cookies cannabis packaging I have gotten before and was a fantastic graphic design on their part. The kava powder was a nice light beige, one of the lightest kavas I have seen. The actual kava liquid is also very light. The flavor is okay, I know many people love how smooth and mild it is but I find that it lacks the nutty complexity that I love in a lot of stronger kavas like borongoru, and it doesn't have as much of that amazing stinging in your mouth when you drink it or the numbness. I found myself being super disappointed with this kava at first, and then loving it later, so I will describe the effects of my first glowing experience with it.

I finished drinking my kava and my mouth was only mildly numb, as it had been many times before. I was thinking that because I had just taken the ACT and had the extended time version, I had not eaten in at least 8 hours, so it would hit me better this time. Sure enough, I got that signature light spacey feeling that kicks in during the first few minutes. It didn't build much more, and I was super disappointed. UNTIL I stood up. I got up off the cough and immediately realized how super krunk I was. My whole body was rushing with an awesome tingling. My body felt completely weightless and my skin felt super tight around my whole body. It felt like my body was almost levitating and my head had that rushing feeling that a lot of kava gives you. I was in a state of pure joy and wanted to socialize, but interestingly unlike other heady kavas I've tried it didn't make it harder for me to focus, in fact I was super involved in everything I was doing. It also shocked my at how long it lasted. I felt that way for a good 3 hours off of a single aluball wash. Truly an amazing experience.

Kavafied, you guys have truly outdone yourselves with this one. I feel very grateful that Matt has brought us this amazing cultivar. Bula!