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The Koro seems to be a bit on the heavier, mellower side and is probably my favorite of the two so far.
Hi, appreciate your thoughts, all others here too.

But I just quoted you because I recently tried the 13,76% Koro. I ssumed it to be the less heavy one, but I find it surprisingly heavy. Lovely kava. Easy as pie to drink. Dark, chocolatey and oily, and it stays emulsified.

But I just ordered 3 kg's of the Kadavu reasoning that, bizarrely, it may be less heavy in some ways and more to my personal tequirements.,

The Koro really seems like the highest quality kava.
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That is a quality about that kava that stood out to me. It was thin, but still really powerful. Super easy to drink.
Yes, thats reassuring you felt the same. Some kavas, I really don't enjoy drinking them at all.

They can sometimes be very repulsive even.

But I had to spell out that this particular vendors kava is remarkably palatable and Pleasant and easy to drink just like the kava roots who you likened them to recently in some way, like- artisan?

If the Koro did not knock me out so much I wouldl drink it all day!

I am finding- starting with a heavy fijian-25 grams kava depot Kadavu Waka todsy ....

Knocked me out like indica herb...then later, a very heady kava compliments it perfectly.

25 grams Kelai tonight to follow. Tongan Choice also hits the spot,

Thrse heady kavas, while under the longer lasting effects of the heavier varieties, feel difference and less jittery and unsettling only enlivening and uplifting mentally.
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Hey there! Lots of people have said Koro leans heavy, kadavu leans heady.
Haha, that is exactly what I have quickly premised, having only teiwd your spectacular Koro yet, but I decided it may feel a bit heavier to me than kadavu.

The very high % of kavalactones itsslf could possibly account for it's heaviness I figure.

Looking very forward to trying the Kadavu.


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I ordered Koro today. I'm not used to Kava with such a high percentage of lactones. Of course, I'm ready for it. And ready to share with my kava drinking friends. This will be good! I'm out for a few days, so when I get that delicious Koro from you, I'll have a solid 30 to 40 grams of fresh, dried root, in my strainer with however much water I prefer, in a bowl.

I will tell you how tasty it is. BULA!


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Bula! Thanks for the order! Nice! Haha i usually do a out 26g in 20oz coconut milk/water mix or a bowl. Googly eyes for about 2 hours lol. Its going out this morning. Cant wait to see what u think!

Also just a bit of a preview of whats coming. We will be getting a new batch of koro in soon from the same farm. Were working on a Rocky Ovalau waka and a lawena. Both pretty creamy. The ovalau is another heavy hitter. The lawena has less kl but is suuuper nice leading 43 ct and ground a bit finer.