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Noble Vs Tudei Kava - Megathread


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Lebot has a new paper to be published soon where he describes a method to measure kavain/DHM ratio (and also flavokavains) with UV spectroscopy, using basically the same methods I have been discussing here. His method can't tell the complete chemotype, but it can measure kavain/DHM ratio well enough to distinguish noble from tudei (and wichmannii) to a statistically significant degree:


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I'm interested in things
This is bloody amazing. Could you please create a new thrad with this link? Otherwise people moght not notice this link. Thank you for all the hard work!
OK. I haven't done any actual "work", just came up with some ideas...


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RealKava.Com, sure looks like tudei?
I'm not making any definitive claims, but I wouldn't be surprised. RealKava's Vanuatu Powder (not 5-star) knocked me around the most of any kava this year and is the only one that got me to the edge of vomit a couple times. Strong but sickening. I drank the whole bag still, but was eager to buy some Mo'i after that, which I rarely do.


went back and read the description closer and they do state Noble Product is 100% Premium Quality Kava Root Powder back says 100% High Quality Waka Grade Kava Root Powder imported from Vanuata, The acetone extract is definately in the orange range. Gonna throw it out.



My last post should have said they do Not state Noble. And yes I have compared it to several Nobles and it is way off. Also the bag contains mainly rough pieces very little fines(powder) like found in most bags of decent ground root. Being a new member but experienced Kava drinker I did not want my first post to came off too accusatory. Hence the?? Thanks for the nice responces. I think I will enjoy this forum very much. And yes that is the correct link.
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