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Tudei is finally back in stock!


Kava Enthusiast
I used my standard 2 tbsp to 1 cup and made a total of 4 [generous] cups (but only made it through 2 in one sitting). The first night I found it mellower than I had expected. The second night I felt physical relaxation with less of the euphoria that I'm used to feeling from a high kavain strain with also a bit of nausea. I drank it slowly and spaced it out from food so that I wouldn't make myself ill. Maybe an unnecessary precaution but I'd rather take it slow than associate kava with puking!


Kava Curious
Makes sense to me, Karma! This is my first time trying it too...wow....it would be hard not to notice this. I've had one glass and this is definitely slowing me down and relaxing me. I don't drink high DHM kavas all that often, but I like this one!


Kava Enthusiast
I think this batch of tudei is somewhat different from the last batch. The color is slightly darker and the taste is much more mild. The last batch was super peppery and extremely rugged tasting, it was hard to drink and really bombed my stomach. I've found this new batch to be much more palatable. I'm also not sure if this is a function of the fact that I have been regularly drinking kava for a year now and the taste no longer phases me, the first time I got tudei it was the 4th batch of kava I had tried and now it's like into the 20s. I was also able to get much more krunked off small amounts with the last batch, usually a couple of tablespoons would do it for me. But I also did toss and wash back then and it killed my stomach, now I generally use a cup of 8 cups of water/coconut water and knead for 30-45 minutes with a tablespoon of lectin and I usually mix it with van3 and boroguro. I tried it alone a few times and liked but it was not the ass kicking kava that I remember. I wonder if I've moved past reverse tolerance into outright tolerance, but boroguro still lays me out as does stone.


The possibility of moving past reverse tolerance into tolerance is very much there, I've been there myself plenty of times. You have to have drank a lot of kava though. lol.

More likely than anything else, you're just noticing the differences in harvests... As a seasoned kava drinker I experience this all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I was given something absolutely different, but variations in season, harvesting, grinding method, age of the roots, all these factors have to be considered. That's why I order around all the time. Never really sticking to any one kava. I like to be surprised and not being let down when a specific kind of kava loses potency after a while. This happened with the Van3, people now always say it's over hyped but it wasn't last year. That stuff was outright one of the best kavas I had ever tried, and then after some time it downgraded to just under Fu'u status - still amazing kava but not quite fitting the hype that was given to it the previous year.


Kava Enthusiast
I was wondering what was up with van3. It was good and everything but pretty rated G in my eyes. It seems I missed the bomb batch but at least I got the heady tudei. I suspect it's this present batch of tudei thats not that strong. I have gained a slight tolerance to kava but boroguro still krunks me out and stone is still heavy duty. I'm just bummed that I bought 2 pounds thinking it was going to be the fire it was last time and it's good but not what I remember.