1. N

    I thought I might share my new prep method here:

    I originally posted it to Reddit give it a try and see what you think:
  2. umaumaawa

    Former stoner getting shelled!

    Hey there kava buds. I've lurked here off and on for several years. In my 30s, I discovered kava as a nice weeknight substitute for alcohol, thanks to this forum. I used to be a huge stoner. I smoked regularly and heavily for nearly 20 years. When I moved to PA a few years ago, I was able to...
  3. ColeScar


    New to the Kava world and was curious if any vendors or any helping hand could send me some to try out!
  4. H

    Newbie looking for help

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I was introduced to kava just last week. I'm struggling to feel anything beyond the tongue-numbing, even at a local kava bar. Tonight I tried the Kalm with Kava Borongoru, three 8oz glasses (so 6 shells?) of first wash in my Aluball, and two 8oz glasses of a second...
  5. Loelinverse

    Wanted to make an instagram page

    Hey Guys, I am interested to make a tribute instagram page and I would love to know any good resources I can use for promoting this type of drink. I currently have 1LB Wakacon Noble Fiji Waka Kava and an Aluball system with an Aluball Pro Shaker (the one with the rounded bottom). Reading from...
  6. K

    Let's introduce ourselves newbies

    Figured I'd do an introduction. Hi, I go by kava-noob on this forum. I'm obviously new to Kava. I've known about kava for a long time but only tried it in the Yogi brand tea (far from the real deal) and liked the relaxing effects. Lately I've been looking into herbal alternatives because I'm...