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It may be photoshopped.

AFAIK the best opportunity he'd have had to try kava was on his 1979 tour when he visited Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii.


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Chas arrives in Vila today for all of 4 hours before going on to the Solomons. He won't have time to visit his father's worshipers on Tanna but will be going to the Cheif's Nakamal, so let's hope they ply him with an extra potent shell at least...photo to come..

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HRH Prince Charles Drinking Kava in Vanuatu.
It was a special variety of kava:

Telegraph.co.uk: Prince Charles declared an honorary high chief on Vanuatu where tribe worship his father

"Prince Charles might not have the god-like status of his father Prince Philip on Vanuatu, but he was given an honour of his own on a visit to the island nation.
Gamely donning a grass skirt and a white garland, the heir to the throne was made a high chief in a colourful ceremony on Saturday.
In the tradition of the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Charles took part in a series of rituals as he was given the high chief name of Mal Menaringmanu.
The prince also took a sip from a cup of special kava, known as Royal Kava, before planting two trees on the island.
The drink is reserved for special occasions and was only last consumed when the Duke of Edinburgh visited in 1974."
Let's all just be thankful he didn't gamely don a traditional koteka [Edit: PNG word, Vanuatu word is namba, thanks @kastom_lif...]

Yumi Toktok Stret has lots of pictures of Charles receiving the rock star treatment in Vanuatu..
YTS: Prince Charles Royal Visit to Vanuatu

EDIT: YTS has opinions about the meaning of Prince Charles' new Cheifly Title:
Wanem meaning blo chiefly title blo Prince Charles Mal Menaringmanu
To the extent I can follow it, opinion seems to be divided between jokes about the old colonial power Britain vs new "colonial power" China, and people who believe the title is meaningful and should be treated with respect.. One commenter explains the literal meaning is "Mal mean high. Menaring mean antap lo mountain. Manu mean people.."
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A koteka? In Vanuatu they're called nambas. Prince Charles, being the son of a man Tanna, probably would not wear one.

Edit: no worries @verticity. PNG is a cool place too. It's nambas on Malekula though. Wan nambas. Tu nambas. Fulap nambas. Smol Nambas. Big Nambas. Plis no putum nambas taem yu wokbaot long Vila, from ol turis oli fraet tumas. ;)
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I had a goal of meeting my favorite musician,.Tyler Childers, at one of his concerts and to give him some Kava. Well last night it came true after the Hope in the Hills Healing Appalachia concert to help fight opiate addiction. Such a humble artist and a fine human being. I gave him a bag of Waka and an Aluball to get him started. He said he heard of Kava but hadn't had a chance to try it. Here's to hoping he loves it like we do.
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