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I sent HKC an e-mail and Jonathan Yee responded back that things are going to start coming back into stock, they've just been on vacation for 2 months and stock basically depleted during that time. I get the feeling that it's a very small family operation, not that that is at all a bad thing, it's just very dependent on the family being there so things practically come to a stop if they take time out for themselves. They actually grow and harvest the kava right there themselves, the fact that you're dealing directly with the grower is fantastic, but I guess it has some downsides as well in that if they have a life it affects me. Wow, wouldn't it be great to be able to grow and harvest your own kava, but I don't do too well in a tropical environment honestly, too hot and buggy for me.

I just friended Jonathan Yee on Facebook and he's actually working with a local dentist who gives it to his patients who are nervous about having dental work, that's actually a pretty good idea, I've thought about doing that myself with Paradise extract.