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Understanding chemotypes


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A chemotype can be isolated just by drinking kava from a single batch of a specific cultivar. In other words, each serving from a single bag is normally the same chemotype. But if what you mean is: can you isolate a single kavalactone? Yes, that can be done, but it is very expensive. You can buy pure kavalactones, such as kavain, for a couple hundred dollars per gram. That is way too expensive for most people who are not extremely wealthy to test ingesting. Also the pure KLs are not sold for purposes of human consumption, but as testing standards. I have seen reports of people consuming pure kavain, and it is reported to have a stimulating effect, but I don't know of anyone who has tried to use pure samples of the other KLs on themselves. A problem with trying to test the effect of pure KLs--however--is that it has been shown in mice that the KLs have a synergistic effect when combined together: the effect of kavain or DHM when consumed with broad spectrum kava extract is stronger (and possibly different) than the effect of pure kavain or DHM by themselves. So because of that, it could be really hard to tease out the effect of the individual KLs.
Ah that's more of what I meant alone, not for consumption but research, maybe it would help unlock better what chemotype 1, 3, and 6 do more fully or maybe it would let you play with chemo combinations to find an ideal category for each chemotype.
That doesn't sound right although I know it says it on their site. A heavy kava with 2 and 5 so near the bottom?
I think 6 (methysticin) is also a "heavy" kavalactone? From my notes, it tastes more bitter, like both 2 and 5, and is sedating with an analgesic effect.

I was watching this video yesterday about a detailed kava-related book titled Buveurs de Kava - maybe that book as some information about kavas with chemotypes that start with a 6... it's an interesting outlier in what's available to consumers (if Kava Time's website is correct).

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I have no idea what the effects of 6 are but it seems less heavy than 2 to me. Kavas with 2 in a prominent position tend to be more sedating for me than cultivars like Mo'i and Loa Waka which both start with 46. Mo'i has 2 down in the 4th position (463251) and is largely devoid of sedation, at least for me.

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I think 6 (methysticin) is also a "heavy" kavalactone? From my notes, it tastes more bitter, like both 2 and 5, and is sedating with an analgesic effect
I'm not disputing your points or logic at all, but the irony which strikes out to me, is how 3 and 4, the heady, euphoric Kavain itself- I have seen claimed to help you get a good night's sleep.

Despite not being classed or regarded as at all sedating.


(I know this is an old post, but...) Yes, Kava Time's Kadavu Waka is 643251.
Not sure how to update the forum's Product Reference page...
It was the best Kava I ever had. I am from europa and there is not so much Kava to find. Meanwhile I can say I had more than 10 different Kavas. Kadavu was special - I miss it! It was like a different substance to me.

And the next thing is, chemotypes are not everything. 6 kavalactones? There is much more which makes the effect. I had kavas with same chemotypes but different effect (to me).