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I held off on reviewing this kava as the first time out I didn't get so much from it. I have written in the main forums about this phenomenon. I tried it tonight and got a much stronger effect. I would liken it in strength to Stone or even maybe Hanakapi Ai or 11 yr waka.

I mix with milk so giving a judgement to the colour is tricky but it looks fairly light in colour and the grind is fairly fine.

I blended 5 heaped tbsps with 1 cup milk and 3 cups water. I strained first through a knee high and then through a cactus kava strainer. I consumed 1 cupful every 30 mins for a couple of hours or so.

This is a real creeper. After the first shell I was wondering why nothing was happening. After shell two I started feeling a bit more and three shells in I started to feel an all over numbness that I would compare to Hanakapi Ai. Anxiety levels are definitely reduced, body feels good, mind feels good. This is a nice kava and strong too. I debated whether the fourth shell was such a good idea but got it down no problem and it hasn't pushed me too far into the nausea realm. I have felt some slight nausea but nothing persistent or insistent.

Overall this is a good strong kava that I would recommend anyone gives a try. I think 4 tbsps for the next outing would probably be sufficient to produce a pleasant effect but other than that I'm happy with my experience this evening and I will be looking to buy some more sometime soon.

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Nice review! In the old days, a few years back, WOW was considered one of the more potent kavas. But now we have lots of vendors with lots of different products and WOW has lots of competition.


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I just had my first taste of WoW. 1 aluball in 300ml water, 15 grams WoW plus lecithin.

I drank it down in one. I like this dosage method, I get a pronounced kick from it.
So far I like. However, after receiving an order from Nakamalathome today, straight to door no issues except shipping delays, I had some samples of their Stone kava.

I put a whole 30 gram packet in a strainer bag, shook in a glass jar with 300ml, two times and mixed.

I noticed that the first wash was very dark and oily and what surprised me was that the second wash looked equally thick and dark and oily.

I consumed nearly all of this jar earlier on. I got strong effect but lot of hours has passed since.

The WoW tonight- I felt it quick. It instantly uplifted my mental state. Also a very warm lovely bodily sensation and buzz- comforting.

I love KT Gourmet Savusavu. The WoW feels a bit similar so far. We will see. Def feels quite strong though, and I have tried a decent variety of very nice Kavas in my short time so far (6 months). I just hope the WoW is not too sedating or de-energizing for me. We will see.

I am a born explorer lol.
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