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  1. BourbonMac

    I love Kava New here

    Just introducing myself. I'm a relatively new kava user and have found the subreddit can be full of some not so great people. I figure a forum dedicated to the stuff would probably be a more reliable place to learn more about kava and just generally talk about it. I have chronic tinnitus and...
  2. C

    Very new

    Hello! I’ve been reading about how to choose and prepare Kava for awhile, and I finally decided to order Nambawan Kava Powder - 1/2 LB from Bula Kava House. It should be here tomorrow. I bought it off of someone’s recommendation for their favorite, but I see now in some posts that it might not...
  3. ColeScar

    Bad First Time

    So I recently got some Single Cultivar Loa Leka Taveuni Island from artofkava in and it’s my first time really doing kava. I was recommended to start out at 4 tbsp. So I did, the first 3 times no effect, then the fourth time I felt super heavy in body effects, and also started having pretty bad...
  4. Snowboardgirl87

    New here!

    Hi everyone! I found this after looking into a recommendation from a friend to try the Gaia kava. I have bad anxiety and get panic attacks. I have been prescribed Xanax for those attacks but I do not like knowing I’m taking a pharmaceutical to feel better. I am also quite sensitive to meds so...
  5. Rooted_Socialite

    Upcoming Kava Bar (Lansing, MI)

    Hello Everyone! After setting the intention to unify people through common beverage experiences, I joined the wine industry out of college and worked in almost every aspect (vineyard labor, cellar work, sales, distribution, tasting room management etc). Introduced to kava by a friend two years...