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  1. Bubba Bula

    I Love Kava Friday fRiDaY!!!!!!

    Welp, according to USPS my KWK Private Reserve Kava, which was supposed to have been delivered today via KWK's Kalm Ship, was delivered. USPS says "Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Postal Facility". Only problem is, no one here went to a postal facility, and noone here has the kava. "Kalm...
  2. Bubba Bula

    I Love Kava Friday fRiDaY!!!!!!

    I'm out of shells, but a KWK shipment is supposed to arrive today. I've found their "Kalm Ship" option should be renamed "White Knuckle Ship" option. Oh well, there is time yet left in the day so we'll see. If my Predators beat the Canucks tonight, it won't matter anyway. Anyway, its Friday...
  3. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday Gone and did it.

    ...never liked it. Your mileage may vary and it might be great for you...maybe it's geared towards stay-at-home mom's, I dunno, but for $50 and 1-day shipping on Prime, you might wanna give it a try. Next week will be ALL Kalm...with some new Tanna Pia kava. ::kavaleaf:: ::happyshell:: ::kavaleaf::
  4. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday One more down!!!

    Drinkin’ Kalm’s new Solomon root this week, it’s pretty heavy/sedating but seems clean and it’s not super nauseating. Effects kind of remind me of Borogoru from a decade ago. (y)
  5. Groggy


    Howdy, welcome to the forums! :) You could visit vendors such as Kalm With Kava or Fiji Vanua and try some their varieties. Amazon is extremely convenient for us lazy kava drinkers (self included ;)) Also if you scroll down the main page, you will see all the vendors we recommend and support...
  6. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday It's KAVA Friday!

    I'm gettin' by on some cheap waka and lawena, so now that I see Kalm's new Solomon Nendo (245613)...I'm getting excited for my inevitable next purchase. ::chugger::
  7. AndrewG

    Growing kava

    I will try to remember that.
  8. The Kap'n

    Growing kava

    If it has anything to do with growing kava, always tag @Alia , or @Kalm with Kava.
  9. Groggy

    Offloading some kava - making room for more

    What are you asking for the lot and/or individually?
  10. S

    Offloading some kava - making room for more I just guessed at how heavy the bags were when subtracting from the weighed total on the scale. Nakamal At Home Palarasul ≈ 7 oz Kalm With Kava Pouni Ono ≈ 4.15 oz Borogu ≈ 3.62 oz Private Reserve Kelai ≈ 5.53 oz Melo Melo ≈ 5.21 oz Loa Waka ≈ 4.79 oz Samoa Ava ≈ 5.4 oz Squanch...
  11. G

    My Physical Results

    ...or just relaxing... While I don't use it every day, when I do I take quite a good portion...about 10 TBSPS per session of medium Kalm With Kava...big supporter of their stuff... None of my physicals showed any liver abnormalities over the 2.5 years at all...I did have a high...
  12. Groggy

    Absolutely crippled/ kava hangover

    In the future, stock up on Pedialyte, drink some at night when your done with the kava and chug a whole bottle in the morning if you must. The secret with Pouni Ono or other heady kavas is to drink them early enough, so you don't stay up.
  13. F

    Absolutely crippled/ kava hangover

    ...guys, I come here absolutely desperate for something to help curb this feeling. Over did it last night. About 3 ozs of micronized pouni uno (kalm with kava). Then on top of it was only able to sleep 1.5 hrs. Woke up feeling like death. Nauseous as ever and just mentally checked out. Took...
  14. ThePiper

    Recent quality bulk deals.

    Kalm with kava is doing 20% 400$ orders right now they aren’t normally that cheap but you’re gonna be paying $47-50 per lb at that rate and that’s for sure gonna be the best quality and variety for the price.
  15. Kalm with Kava

    Vendor News The Kalm with Kava 2023 Black Friday Extravaganza!

    Hello, Bula, Malo e lelei, Aloha, Talofa! Kalm with Kava has made 2023 its busiest year ever. In addition to our usual mainstays, we: 1) Released a jaw-dropping 14 unique varieties of kava in our Private Reserve line 2) Started selling the innovative KalmPouch for easy traditional preparation...
  16. K

    Do you guys own Tanoas?

    I love your little turtlnoa
  17. The Kap'n

    I Love Kava Friday OHHHH Not a moment too soon...

    Now who would shakas be without his mystery wakas?
  18. sɥɐʞɐs

    I Love Kava Friday OHHHH Not a moment too soon...

    Still working through the Santo laterals and my mystery waka, eyeballing Kalm's Damu for the next purchase. Supposed to have the Santa Ana winds blowing in this weekend, that could be fun, will definitely bring that "Indian Summer" vibe. ::KavaChug::
  19. The Kap'n

    Forum News Announcing the International Kava Organization.

    ...said Jimmy Price, president of IKO and owner of dedicated online kava community Kava Forums. Supporting this vision, industry leaders such as Kalm with Kava and kava industry startups like Kavahana have partnered with IKO. Morgan Smith, CEO at Kalm with Kava stated, "Our collaboration with...
  20. The Kap'n

    I Love Kava Friday FRIDAYYYYY

    "solid pre-2015 kavas" 100% concur. That was my first thought.